The Hub Cyclery has been recycling bikes since 2014. We consider all bicycle trade-ins and donations, and we can even come to your house and pick up for free!

To schedule a free pickup:

Email brokemyglasses@gmail.com and tell us about what you would like to unload, as well as your general location and whether you want to donate or sell. You can expect to hear back from us within 24 hours, often much sooner.

Important Disclaimer For Buyers (Sellers/Donors can Skip):

All bicycles and parts we sell are described to the best of our ability. We strongly encourage you to ask any and all questions that you might have about bikes in particular or cycling in general, especially BEFORE buying a bike. We want you to be happy AND safe on your bike, so please, speak up! Moving on, IMMEDIATELY after the bike leaves our hands, it is up to you to ensure your bicycle is safe to ride before each ride. Your brakes should always be able to stop you, even when going downhill. If your brakes feel off or weak, use your best judgment, but you probably should not ride your bike until the problem is remedied. Remember that the brakes are the only thing that can slow you down, besides running off the road or crashing into something! Another important safety check is your wheels! Make sure that both wheels are tightened properly! A loose wheel can come off and cause an exceedingly abrupt stop forcing you to immediately be thrown from the bike—I should know, it has happened to me going only a few miles per hour! Also, do not forget to make sure that other things are properly tightened and that your tires are properly inflated (a loose seat post or low tires can really throw off your ride). In general, USE YOUR BEST JUDGMENT. If you are unsure about something, ASK US or search on the internet. We are ecstatic to help you!

PS: Wearing a helmet is highly suggested, as is using lights when riding at nighttime!