Self-Portrait by Hamilton Pedrick, digital photograph, 2016. http://www.hamiltonpedrick.com

History of The Hub Cyclery

In the summer of 2014, I bought a few project bikes with the intention of fixing and reselling them in order to get more fluent in bike repair and maintenance. I’ll never forget this one bike—it was one of my first projects—an old Bridgestone Kabuki Submariner. It had a stuck quill post that I got out after a few days of letting oil soak in the seat-tube. When I hit it with a mallet, the post went flying into the bottom bracket. That was another job in itself to get the post out of there! Coincidentally, my dad has the same bike. (I knew it looked familiar.) Anyway, the bikes sold well and relatively quickly, so I kept on doing it. Then, in early 2015, I moved to Philadelphia and continued The Hub Cyclery from my new garage. I had many more bikes this year. At my peak, I had around twenty-five bikes in stock and I could barely move around the garage. It was mostly a fun time. I enjoyed searching for bikes, negotiating with sellers, and talking shop with buyers. I did this until late 2015, at which point I moved out of Philadelphia and back to the suburbs in South Jersey. Since then, I have not done much with The Hub Cyclery as I have had not had the time between school, other work, and raising a daughter. Many of my leftover bikes and frames were sold to a pastor in Blackwood who also fixes and resells bicycles. (He came by with a Ford pick-up and carefully lined up around twenty bicycles and a few frames all in one truck!) Currently, I still keep a few bikes in stock at any given time and still consider trade-ins.

– HP

PS: While I love cycling, my main passion is art, and all of the photographs and graphics for this website were created by myself. You can see my work @ www.hamiltonpedrick.com.

the hub cyclery philadelphia bike shop

The Hub Cyclery at peak productivity. I worked on bikes in that small aisle.


This is my awesome daughter, Aurora. She is around nine-and-a-half months here.