Hi, my name is Hamilton and I have been recycling great bicycles through The Hub Cyclery since it’s opening in summer 2014. We are located in Pennsville, New Jersey, 10 minutes from Wilmington, Delaware and less than an hour from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

I started wrenching on bikes by fixing up my first bike (outside of childhood), a black with red decals 1980s Bianchi Strada road bike which I bought used off of craigslist in 2011 so that I could more easily get around my new home of Philadelphia. I then bought a second bike for fun, a 1970s Fuji Gran Tourer which was a “real” project. I ended up tearing that bike almost completely apart before converting it to a single speed. I still have and ride both of these bikes, although I am now much more partial to a bike that can handle wide tires, panniers, and fenders.

In 2014, I decided to really get my hands dirty and bought a few project bikes to better acclimate myself with bike repair and maintenance. The next year, I would buy, fix, and sell probably forty bikes, with another twenty or so that I ended up reselling to another bike reseller.

I then put The Hub Cyclery on hiatus to focus primarily on school and photography (I also had a daughter during this time). After graduating with my my AFA and then a BA Art degree a year later, I have begun taking on new bike projects to work on in my spare time when I am not working on photography/my house/my garden or (perhaps best of all) being a father. Personally, I love working on any bike that is semi-exotic—-not your run of the mill, ya know? Those are the bikes that really excite me, but I still love good old workhorse-type bikes.

I am always looking for new (used) bikes to take in!

I offer market value for all bikes, but bike and bike parts donations are always gladly accepted and greatly appreciated!

Email us here! (And try to tell us a bit about your bike(s)/bike parts that you want to get rid of. Images are helpful but not required. Do indicate if you are looking to “sell” or “donate.” I usually respond within 24 hours, but sometimes life happens.

The only bikes I cannot accept are department store bikes as they tend to be difficult to repair to my standards (and sell). These would be brands like Roadmaster, Huffy, Magna, etc.

PS: You should take a look at my photography work at the link below!