Bikes from before We Created This Website, Part 2

Here’s the second half of our pre-website bike stash.

Bridgestone Kabuki Submariner

This was a very cool bike with a stainless steel frame. My dad actually has the same bike.


Cannondale R700 CAAD5

This bike was about as mint as they come. What a beauty! This is definitely one of my favorites. I bought this for myself, but the ride was a bit too harsh for me to handle.


Schwinn Varsity (?)

I never figured out exactly what this bike was since it had been repainted. It looked a bit goofy and rode like a tank.


2013 Motobecane Track

I bought this new and rode it for a couple of years before selling it. It rode well for the money, although the paint seemed to chip easily.


Giant Perigee

Here is another bike that I bought for myself before selling. This bike fit me well and I loved the metallic-pearl paint. I was down-sizing while planning a big move though, so I sold this one.


Well, that’s the last of the pre-new-website bikes.

It’s been a wild ride, but there’s still more to come The Hub Cyclery. Stay tuned.


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