Bikes from before We Created this Website, Part 1

In an effort to keep everything all in one place, here are all of the bikes that were never posted to this website because they were sold before it launched. These are the bikes from the early stages of The Hub Cyclery.

Schwinn Crossfit

Cool bike. I for some reason don’t have a full shot of the bike though. It’s a hybrid/”cross” bike that seemed like a great commuter/all-road rider.


Schwinn Caliente

If I remember correctly, this was the first bike I ever sold. I spent probably three hours just polishing the steel wheels alone. Steel rims suck! Looking back on this, I’d have removed the faded dork disc before selling.



My bar wrap game was pretty good, even for early on.

Huffy Tour

This bike taught me that ingenuity and a little brute force can go a long way. I actually had to hammer and wrench the chain-rings/set back into a straight line. It came out great, although it rode like a tank and was best suited for casual cruising. The wheels really held this bike back. I gifted it to a friend.


Raleigh Marathon

I really like the colors on this one. The bike itself was in incredible shape for it’s age. It rode great even if it was a bit heavy.


Schwinn Sprint


Nishiki Modulous

This was a great bike. I actually bought this for myself long before I started selling bikes. It was a bit too small for me though, and I never fit it quite well. It was very clean and had a beautiful robin’s egg color.


2006 Jamis Satellite

Here’s another one that I bought for myself before selling. It rode wonderfully, although I could never get used to the too-small frame. I really loved the bare metal look. How about that awesome bar wrap, too? People also down-talk those 2300 shifters, but I never had any problems.


That’s it for this post. I’ll put the rest up in the next one.


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