Choosing a Commuter Bicycle: Road Bikes vs. Hybrid and Touring Bikes

Road Bikes


  • Lighter weight aids acceleration and climbing.
  • More aerodynamic riding position aids acceleration and speed.
  • Narrower tires weigh less and offer lower rolling resistance.


  • Narrower tires offer less comfort, particularly on rough roads.
  • Narrow tire clearance limits tire width allowed.
  • Fender/rack options are usually limited.

Choose a road bike if you value max acceleration and speed over utility, versatility, and comfort.

Hybrid and Touring Bikes


  • Wider tires add comfort and stability, while increasing off-road capabilities.
  • Rack mounts add utility.
  • Fender mounts allow fenders to be installed to protect your bike from dirty water. This is important for a commuter bicycle that will be ridden rain or shine.
  • More upright riding position offers better view of surroundings.


  • Heavier weight decreases acceleration and climbing ability.
  • Less aerodynamic riding position increases wind drag and lowers overall speed and acceleration, particularly at higher speeds.

Choose a hybrid or touring bike if you value utility, versatility, and comfort over max acceleration and speed. In particular, go with a touring bike if you will regularly load your bike down with a lot of cargo (they are built precisely for this), otherwise base your choice on which handlebar/riding style you prefer.

*Pro tip: Put slick tires on a mountain bike and you have a rugged hybrid commuter.

We hope this helps you in deciding what kind of bike is right for your commute. Feel free to email us if you have any questions or comments.


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