Status Update – Feb. 21, 2016

So, it feels like things are winding down. Most of the bikes are posted on eBay at “we want to get rid of them” prices, and we won’t be taking on more than a few projects at a time from now on. The starting prices on most of the bikes are so low, that we’d be surprised if they all don’t get swept up. We aren’t getting top dollar, but we don’t have the space anymore, so we have to do what we have to do. On the other hand, we’ll probably keep the frames and sell them more traditionally, i.e. no auctions, but who knows. Maybe the eBay thing will work out well, and we’ll start focusing our attention on selling through there. It’s hard to say at the moment. One thing for sure is that we are definitely down-sizing, for now at least.

It’s been fun. Bikes rock. We still try to ride everyday, whether it’s a grocery run or a romp on the dirt trails. You should, too. It’s a good time!

We look forward to the future. (Is that a trite thing to say?)


The Hub Cyclery

PS: The bikes that aren’t listed on eBay yet need work before being sold, but we’re open to offers on them in as-is condition.


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