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Mid-October Status Update

So The Hub moved. Here are the bullet points.

  • We’re now in Pennsville, NJ, about 45 minutes from the city.
  • Due to our location and smaller workspace, we are switching primarily to a parts business which will focus on online sales.
  • We will specialize in custom builds, where you choose exactly what parts you want for your bike. FYI: We don’t stock single-speed parts, but we can order them in for you. All custom builds require $100 down, plus the cost of any new parts. The rest of the payment can be paid upon pick-up.
  • We will hang on to a few complete bikes at a time, but that’s all.
  • The posting frequency will be changed.
    • We will not create a separate post for each bike or frame. Instead, all links on the shopping pages will go directly to a photo album that (obviously) corresponds with the item you are looking at.
    • A brief description of the item will be listed below the link.
    • There will then be a single “new inventory” post that lists all of the new items in stock for the past few days/week. By doing this, our email subscribers will only get one email update rather than a bunch at once. (Bonus: This also simplifies our job of listing items.)
    • We are currently updating our shopping pages to reflect these updates.

Well, this past year was a wild ride. Much thanks to everyone that has supported us so far! We hope to be your go-to source for used bike parts and great, affordable service for many years to come.


The Hub Cyclery


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