Bikes Incoming – Part 2

If you were waiting on that LeMond or the Ross Mt. St. Helens, we apologize since we got a little side-tracked after the theft of one of our own. Do not fear though! They will be posted tomorrow, along with a few other rides. You can also expect the last of the frame-sets to be posted up throughout the week. As always, everything in stock is listed on the shop page, and you can contact us and ask to prioritize getting a particular bike/frame ready for you.

Here’s what’s coming up for tomorrow:

  • 57cm LeMond Alpe D’Huez, SRAM Red update, Reynolds 853 steel alloy frame/carbon fork
  • 21″ Ross Mt. St. Helens, Cr-Mo Frame Commuter Bike, Shimano Mix
  • 16.5″ Giant Boulder, Cr-Mo Frame Hardtail Mountain Bike, Shimano Mix
  • 18″ GT Timberline, Cr-Mo Rigid Mountain Bike, Shimano Mix
  • “Large” EWR OWB Custom Build, Shimano SLX+True Temper+Columbus Custom Tubing (preview)



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