1988 schwinn traveler

Sold – 63.5cm 1988 Schwinn Traveler Road Bike

This bike is a size 63.5cm and from 1988. Schwinn sold these bikes sized in inches, so if you are wondering about that extra .5cm, it’s because this bike measures out to be a 25″ frame. It is currently set-up a bit non-traditional, with a modern front wheel and a red-striped tire. We think it looks great as is, and it turned a lot of heads when we rode it. But if you aren’t into the non-traditional look, we can swap a matching set of aluminum wheels and matching tires on at no extra charge.

As pictured, it was just taken out on a thorough test-ride (so it’s a bit dirty and has some grease smudges from us working on it), and it will be deep-cleaned before sale. We originally weren’t planning on selling this bike, hence the quick pictures of the bike. We will soon have pictures up of it in it’s ready-for-sale state, but if you want them sooner, simply e-mail us and you shall receive.

PS: That saddle will be swapped out for a new quilted racing saddle.


  • fully serviced and ready to ride
  • free life-time adjustments
  • overhauled bottom bracket for smooth ride
  • lugged True Temper Chrome-Moly frame
  • Shimano Light Action 2×6 drivetrain
  • “Teal-Frost fade” paint
  • new bar wrap
  • newer tires (Schwalbe Blizzard 700×25 in the back, Forte Pro+ Kevlar foldable something-or-other 700×23 in the front)
  • 700c wheels, quick-release axles, non-stock (can replace wheels with matching set at no extra charge)
  • horizontal dropouts
  • Dia-Compe caliper rim brakes and brake levers with black rubber hoods
  • new cables and housings (both derailleurs and both brakes)

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