schwinn traveler bar tape close up stem

6/25/2015 Update: EWR OWB Incoming…

We have exciting news!

Yesterday, we had a very special trade in– a totally out of this world, Pennsylvania-made EWR OWB (Original Woods Bike). It’s probably the raddest bike we’ve ever had in stock. We have to get a proper saddle for this steed before posting it up, but maybe we’ll do a preview post in the meantime. We might have to keep this bike for some thorough testing though…

Are you wondering

what happened to the Schwinn Sprint and the GT Outpost Trail as mentioned in an earlier post? Well, our replacement parts came in a little late, so these got pushed back. These two bikes, as well as the Ross Mt. St. Helens, should all be posted for tomorrow. That should put us at ten bikes posted in four days. I think that will definitely be a THC record. We also finished up a tall Schwinn Traveler, so look for that tomorrow as well. (I guess that makes eleven in four days then.)



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