schwinn world sport handlebars restored black and white deda

Three, Maybe Five, Bikes Coming Monday/Tuesday


Yesterday we finished that super cool 55cm Made in Italy Bianchi Trofeo– the one in Ferrari Red with full Campagnolo. We went with black bar wrap, which goes nicely with the black stem, bars, and saddle. This thing is hot, and it just screams speed. It also has some pretty special Italian steel tubing with an ovalized downtube… This bike is all original, by the way. (Besides the disposables [cables, tires, bar wrap, etc.], we mean.)

We also got around to finishing a really old project, a 50cm Schwinn World Sport (pictured). This is a ladies frame, but anyone can ride it. It’s a very cool bike with black paint and gold carbon bar wrap that matches the gold decals. We even threw in a vintage white and pink bottle cage that matches the other decals perfectly. This bike is also all original. (Again, besides the disposables.)

Last up on deck we have an 18″ Casino hybrid. Yes, a Casino. What the hell is that, you ask? We don’t really know, but it’s a nice, simple hybrid with 15 speeds. This bike is ready to go besides the shifters. We are going to update them to some new Shimano ones. Since we might not get those parts in on time for the Monday/Tuesday deadline, how about we put up another bike just in case? Again, all original.

Our back up bike will be… a 57cm Schwinn Tempo with full Shimano 105 and Columbus Tenax (sweet) steel tubing. That bike is also ready to go, but we are waiting on replacement brake hoods. You know what, since we might not have the hoods in time, let’s put up another backup bike.

So for backup number two, we’ll do that small Schwinn Sprint that hasn’t been measured yet. It’s probably around 50cm if I had to guess. It’s a really beautiful vintage bike in minty condition, and I’m predicting it will come out to be a rather glamourous ride. And no, we don’t use that word often. This bike is also all original besides the disposables.

So there you have it. Three to five bikes will be posted on Monday/Tuesday. Are you following our blog yet? There’s a link on the sidebar, for desktop users, or at the bottom of this page, for mobile, that let’s you “follow us” and alerts you via email whenever we make a new post. This is a great way to see our new bikes and updates before anyone else! To end this post, here’s a throwback to the early days.

bike shop black and white


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