dawes lightning 2100 sport touring

Just a Little Update

Changes to the website…

  • The homepage displays all recent posts.
  • Improvements were made to the navigation of the site.
  • Minor changes were made to the appearance of the site.
  • FAQ page has been added, which should address most questions that the About page doesn’t cover.

In other news…

You shouldn’t expect too many new bikes to be posted until next week as we are really busy with other projects, but we can still do test rides and make delivery of parts. Featured in this post is this like new 58cm Dawes Lightning 2100 sport touring bike with Shimano 105/Tiagra for just $750.

Some of the new bikes we’ve got in stock…

  • A really sweet 55cm Bianchi Trofeo road bike in Ferrari Red with full Campagnolo!
  • A beautiful, almost mint lavender Schwinn Sprint ladies road bike. We haven’t measured it, but it’s a small-medium frame.
  • A like new 21″ Trek 3700 hardtail (front suspension) mountain bike. Very cool.
  • A 58cm Reynolds 520 steel frame touring bike with rear rack. We don’t know the make/model, but this bike is rockin’.

Thanks for stopping by!


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