57cm lemond alpe d'huez road bike project 105 sram rival shimano

57cm LeMond Alpe D’Huez Custom Build Project – Preview

**This bike has been parted out and will not be completed. The frameset can be found on the parts page.

There’s been some interest on that LeMond that is used in the ads for the website, so here’s a post on it. This bike is basically a frankenbike. The frame/fork match, but everything else has been replaced. It was briefly built up with the 10-speed group that is now on the 57cm Scattante XRL.

This is a really cool frame. It has been well used, but there is no rust, cracks, or dents. It has a high-quality Reynolds 853 steel frame, and a carbon fork. One of the things I like the most about this frame is the paint. In spots where the paint chipped, you can see that LeMond used orange paint under the metallic steel color, so that when that top layer rubbed off, a decal-matching orange pops up underneath. Pretty sweet. Right now, it has a mix of 105, Rival, and RSX. 105 brakes, RSX brifters, 105 front derailleur, 172.5mm 10-speed Rival cranks. The handlebars and RSX brifters are not installed yet. You can see them in the album. The only thing not pictured is a rear derailleur, but it will probably be a 105 that I have. The stem set-up is pretty wild, but I like it. I’m open to swapping it out. It actually didn’t look bad with the white Oval one. This is currently set-up as a seven-speed build, which suited the parts I had available.

Pictures in the album with the Freedom Racing wheelset (black and white tires) reflect this bike’s current condition. The rest show the previous build. The bars and brifters will be getting replaced, and a rear derailleur will be installed.

View Full Photo Album on Flickr


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