shimano golden arrow 105 front derailleur ross signature 292s

Sold – 53cm 1982 Ross Signature 292s Road Bike

Up for sale is a fully serviced Ross Signature 292s road bike. This bike was made in Allentown, PA, and features Ishiwata EX steel tubing, as well as a full Shimano 105 Golden Arrow groupset. Everything spins smooth as butter, and the shifts are crisp and effortless. New bar tape was added, but everything else appears original. Mechanically, this bike is perfect. Physically, I’d give it a 9/10 as it is close to perfect, but has a few small paint chips. Look through the complete photo album to see for yourself. This is a very rare and collectable bike with a perfect ride. The size is 53cm, so it’s probably good for someone around 5’9″ or so, give or take. I can meet for test rides in the parking lot on Kelly Drive, just past the Falls Bridge. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. Thanks!


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