bike shop black and white

Late Night at the Office Photo Log 1

It’s a cold one out there tonight, and it’s supposed to be a brutal week coming up. Stay warm if you’re going to ride! Here are a few photos for your enjoyment.


Here we are in the process of getting organized and figuring out the lighting for the workshop. It has to-do bikes on one wall, ready to go bikes on the other, tools and parts on the shelves, and a bike in the stand. We’re going to add hooks for more bikes because N+1.


Fresh cables, housing, and bar tape really make this old Schwinn World Sport’s front end look nice again! PS: The gold carbon tape sure does match the Schwinn logos nicely. This bike should be posted tomorrow.


This is part of the “to-do wall.” How awesome is it that the bike in front has dried up old vines running throughout it? It should be a fun project!


Here’s one of our workstations. It has about everything we need, but where the heck did our electrical tape go though? 🙂


With Love, THC


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